Take a dance through time in Coldplay’s Valentine’s Day video for “Cry Cry Cry”

There’s a wealth of loveliness going on in this release. One might think Coldplay would have peaked years ago, but the boys are still running high on ballads and sweet critical acclaim since the drop of their lauded latest album Everyday Life.

Valentine’s Day saw them drop their “Cry Cry Cry” video and there’s a whole lot to unpack – not least of all the fact that it marks the directoral debut of Dakota Johnson, who co-directed alongside Cory Bailey. Yes, that Dakota Johnson: Fifty Shades star and Chris Martin’s partner of several years. Cue the cuteness.

The video was shot in London’s Rivoli Ballroom. All gilt, vaulted ceilings and and vintage 1950’s appeal. Tracking gorgeous choreography courtesy of Celia Rowlson-Hall (HBO’S Girls, and MGMT) – the camera follows two lovers as they dance to the seductive slow-burn of Coldplay’s cushioned piano ballad.

It’s a honey-toned and emotional visual to the crooning love song – made even more cerebral as the couple transform into their elderly selves, dancing slowly though the now-empty ballroom.

Trust Coldplay to make you cry, cry, cry.