Take a deep dive into love, peace and magic in The Plastics’ new album The Bright Blue Orchids

A lot has changed for The Plastics over the last three years. They’ve reemerged, butterfly-like, in the form of The Bright Blue Orchids with an 11-track album spearheaded by former drummer Sasha Righini – who wrote the concept project in a 2-week burst of inspiration.

The Bright Blue Orchids sees their sound harder-edged and wilder than the synth-soaked trajectory of their previous work. It’s a collection of psych-rock bangers, fleshed around the edges with oozing psychedelic frills. It’s snappy and wily with a conglomerate driving theme of love, magic, heartache and redemption through love.

“These are songs written from the heart and bear some high and low points over the last few years – fans can expect something fresh and snappy with direct influence drawn from the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s,” explains Sasha Righini.

It’s modern and reminiscent of a bygone era all at once – from the early 2000’s feel of “Melancholy Love Games” to the unapologetic deep-dive into Beatles-era haze of “Mary Ann (Blue Orchids)”. It’s all tragic lovers and sunlit romance.

There’s an endlessly catchy ode to the girl who got away (“Fiona”), a feral-rock monotone-ish rollicker (“Howl”), and chaotic riffage meets dazey acid-soaked perambulation in “Nightshade”.

“Sapphire Swan” feels straight out of a 1950s soul bar. Sexy vocals and oozing synths slide all over it. “I wanna be your lover,” comes the crooning lyrics, shortly followed by, “Is it too much to know I care/ About the cut of your underwear?”

They’ve got an imminent tour kicking off in March and a couple of music videos floating on the near horizon, so hop on the audial time-machine and indulge.