Temples on Mars get intense in the video for alternate version of “Death in the Afternoon”

Temples on Mars have released a suitably intense video for a new take on their track “Death in the Afternoon”. 

It’s the second video TOM have released from a series of alternative versions of tracks taken from their self-titled debut album. 

“We are predominantly rock musicians, but we also love electro and industrial as well, so we want to take the opportunity to incorporate those styles in some way in this version,” bassist Daz Carikas explains. “Random fact ‘Death in the Afternoon’ is vocalist James Donaldson’s favourite cocktail – champagne and absinthe – inspired by Hemingway himself!”

TOM’s new take on this track is a minimal, synth heavy piece – think Thirty Seconds to Mars but good – that tackles the duplicity and hypocrisy that runs rife throughout humanity.

Bordering on claustrophobic, the video’s intensity comes from the forced proximity to the band. With wide shots few and far between, and lights close and bright enough to block the background out you have no choice but to pay full attention to the band.

The reliance on mid-shots and close-ups as well as the setting leaves little room for distraction – apart from the odd bit of gear-porn – which pushes you to pay attention to what’s really important here: the music.