The Amblers drop a kaleidoscopic video for “Birds And The Bees” ahead of their upcoming offering

You’d never guesss from the get go that The Amblers just a duo hammering it out on guitar and drums respectively. Although perhaps their raw, rough-edged sound might be a giveaway.

“Birds and the Bees” is the first release off their upcoming full-length offering: a rollicking, vibrant psych rock single with enough grit to make it stick. There’s nothing decidedly individualistic about these guys – they don’t push the envelope too hard when it comes to their classic rock preferences. But they’ve got just that: a classic rock flavour which will never really grow old.

A prevailing melody line sits through the entire track, while Jason Hintch holds down the rhythm section. “So you think you’re something special/ just a little devil on the inside,” growls Justin Swart – his sillhouette morphing and doubling up as the kaleidescopic visuals of the video warp and weave.

Shot on location at Smoking Kills Bar in Melville and directed by Chase Beynon of Capitol Collective, the video is deceptively fast-paced and wild on the eyes as the camera sweeps through and pivots continually while the visuals split and converge.

It’s rough and tough, slapped together with jagged poise, and welcome old school inflection.