Venus & The Snake chat their love for rocking out and long road to finally being a solid unit

In our final instalment of introducing the 5 Finalists we picked to be a part of our first Band Or Bust competition in Stellenbosch on Saturday the 7th of March, I chat to hard rock band, Venus & The Snake.

As the winners of three other band competitions in 2019, VATS seemingly step into Band Or Bust with an upper hand, relishing the idea of tearing up another stage – but this here competition is rough and tough.

I spoke to St John Calitz (vox), Jordan Schouw (guitar), Innes Linder (guitar), Kheno Schouw (bass), Cameron Hickley (keys), and Tara Campbell (drums) about chasing that rock ‘n’ roll dream and what winning this prize would mean to them.

Texx: Okay so, give me a bit of background into your band – who are you and where are you from?

Jordan: Venus & The Snake is a hard rock band based in Cape Town with members living all across the Western Cape. The band began as any other, inside a small room with a drum kit, some amps and young people all wanting the same thing – to play rock n roll. It took a good 3 years of constant changes of band members and band names to finally reach this point that we’re at now and I am very happy that we never stopped pursuing the dream.

Texx: In your own words, what kind of music do you make?

Jordan: Chilled music to relax and study to. [Ed’s note: I feel like this is a bit of white lie lolz]

Texx: Sum up your live show in one short sentence?

Jordan: So that I don’t contradict the above answer, I have to say that its very peaceful, but you will be the judge of that.

Texx: What’s been the highlight of your musical journey so far?

St John: Obviously being part of Venus & the Snake has been a huge highlight for me in my 15 years of being in the music scene. But having worked with two incredible producers, an insane director and having so much love from friends and family. I can truly say the biggest highlight so far for me has been that I can finally sit back and see all our hard work manifest into reality, having a single on Spotify and a video on YouTube, these are the things that make it all worth while. Our footprint is here to stay and we’re not going anywhere.

Texx: What do you think you bring to the Final 5 that makes you stand out?

Cameron: We have a huge amount of energy when performing that would make anyone stand up and start rocking out and then beg for more by the end of the night.

Texx: Which act out of the Final 5 do you rate highly and why?

Tara: I’m going to go with Brother Brother. I enjoy the vocal harmonies the most. I like how laid back they are and they also use a variety of instruments which is different and pretty cool.

Texx: Which part of the prize package is the most attractive to you and why?

Innes: Recording with Theo Crous and Karen Zoid.

Texx: If you could pick any of the judges to drink with who would you pick and why – and also what would we be drinking.

Kheno: I would drink with Theo Crous because he’s a gentle giant, genius and I look up to him with regards to live music and producing. I’d drink Klipdrift and give Theo whiskey.