Werner Bekker releases a feel good video for his latest single “Withdrawal”

Werner Bekker’s “Withdrawal” would be the perfect fit for any road trip mixtape – unless your mix-tape is made up of Slipknot and Falling in Reverse, of course.

While Bekker’s lyrics are made up of questions about love and life the music is of an easy listening, feel-good persuasion that will leave you feeling optimistic in spite of yourself.

There’s not much going on in the video – it is a live performance after all – but its setting does so much to heighten the cosiness of the song. The house Bekker and his band perform in is charmingly eclectic and run down, your typical bohemian holiday house.

This homey atmosphere makes it feel less like you’re watching a band perform a song for loads of people to watch and more like you’re on holiday with a beer in your hand and not a care in the world, watching your friends do what they love doing.

While the crux of “Withdrawal” might be pretty heavy, its trappings give it a little hint of optimism, like, everything really is going to be okay in the end.