Yndian Mynah expertly chart intricately composed chaos and calm in their new album, Velvet Youth

This is one of those albums that’s going to take a while to really sink in. Yndian Mynah have crafted an intricately sculpted exploration of instrumental sound – richly textured, expertly balanced.

Contrary to most instrumentalism however, this 11-track complexity of an album is not all synth-scapes and acoustics – although it certainly begins that way. “Massimo (Don’t Go)” and “Velvet Youth” are majorly ambient – awash in plush psych-jazz melody and cinematic pizzicato textures.

Cut to “Ridge Forrester” and the album has sneakily evolved into a psych rock conundrum of epic proportions – all wild, energy-fuelled drum-work and muffled guitar lines.

They cut a far from consistent tack though – the songs are a constant ebb and flow between machine-gun bursts of rollicking riffage and reigned-in acoustic ambience. “Chai Tea” pairs gossamer-fine synth textures with a floaty, prevailing guitar melody, while “Berlioz, You Chop!” is anthemic in its heavy breakdowns.

They’ll play with you though: “Greyhound Racing” turns the thing on its head with a summery, indie-funk persuasion – before “Aggressor’s Bow” and “Eye To Eye” wraps things up with a dark cinematic trajectory.

In short, this is a riveting creation as opposing melodic forces combine and combust.