You, Me, and The Harmony centre around the comfort of joy and friendship with their video for “A Little More”

If you grew up in SA, chances are you’ve been to The Magic Company arcades at least once in your life. Those teddy-bear claw-machines were the bane of my existence as a kid, but the rest of the arcade was a place of dreams – an assault of the senses – and You, Me and The Harmony’s new video “A Little More” hinges whole-heartedly on that nostalgic feeling.

Filmed in the bowling alley of Gold Reef City, the scene complements the vibe and lyrics of the song perfectly. Doing something simple and having a good time with friends is all you need to get yourself out of your head, and You, Me and The Harmony recognizes the importance of that in their lives.  

The band’s Paramore-like nuances and emo pop chorus lines may seem outdated for today’s scene, but the enthusiasm they bring to the table validates it all. There’s a real sense of joy that permeates the entire track, and whether or not it floats your boat, you can’t help but feel the overriding comfort of a sentimental memory.