Zen Garden brings back good old indie pop in their bite-sized, Rolling EP

Zen Garden was born from in the euphoric aftermath of a 2017 TuksRes’ Battle of the Bands win. You may have heard of them through their debut EP Send Nudes which dropped a year ago – but if not, here’s their follow up Rolling for your listening pleasure.

The first thing that hits me as the jangling guitar and kick-back drumwork of “Home” begins is nostalgia – and no, it’s not because the entire EP is basically a post-breakup rumination. It’s because these guys are channeling an indie-rock tangent which smells like the festival line-ups of 2014 and it feels good.

As the “unofficial guardians” of Pretoria’s funk rock scene, Zen Garden waste no time in injecting a little something of their own into mix – see distorted guitar riffage rife in “Home” and the raw acoustic balladry of “Throwing It Away”.

“Rumours” packs a solid punch with cruising bass-lines and snappy drums which launch into a boogie-worthy funk-rock preamble – the sort which The Vanilla used to get you moving to.

It’s rough around the edges, gloriously acoustic, and turns heartbreak into dance-offs with an elegant and welcome ease. Watch this space.

Zen Garden’s EP Launch takes place tonight at Aandklas Hatfield.