Black Cat Bones hosted a super special show at Smoking Kills in Joburg a few hours before SA’s 21 day lockdown and we had to attend

There was a palpable sense of caution in the air before the Black Cat Bones livestream at Smoking Kills Bar in Melville kicked off.

Adhering to social distancing recommendations, the venue was closed to the public, there was no alcohol served, and the only people in attendance were the band, and the production crew.

Apart from their intimate performance, Black Cat Bones answered questions from their online audience and multiple shoutouts were given to those who had tuned in.

In all honesty, it felt really special being there, knowing that most of South Africa was at home already, preparing for what lay ahead.

Driving home through an empty Melville, it felt weird and eerie knowing that normally at the time, the street would be pumping. But we’ll be back – soon soon.

Check out our exclusive gallery from this event.