Cornelius SA joins the ranks of the electro-elite with new single “Diamonds”

Cornelius SA has just signed to Armada Record Label and we couldn’t be happier for him. The Dutch label, owned by Armin van Buuren, has got to be one of the most influential in the world for electronic music, forming home to the likes of Hardwell, Maxim Lany and Van Buuren himself. 

Cornelius SA’s success is all the more sweet considering where it’s coming from. He’s the first black African artist to sign with the label, and only the fifth in South Africa, joining Goldfish, Goodluck, Kyle Cassim and Protoculture: prominent names that have all paved the way for SA’s finest electronic music. Cornelius describes this honour of joining the ranks of artists who he has always taken such great inspiration from as the biggest success, and it’s only pushing him higher. 

His first single “Diamonds” just dropped, with a follow up soon to come. His production skills are also entirely self-taught. He has always had a deepened love affair with DJing, honing in on his way with the 12 inches since a young teenager. He’s built a career with only himself to thank, and his success is not just well-deserved, but proof that determination can really get you anywhere. 

His tunes are groove-heavy with signature claps that carry the rhythms into mind-moving, feel-good melodies. He is best known for his track “Keep Your Mouth Shut” and the support it gained from local artists, and “Diamonds” will surely follow suit. It’s carefully considered, with an easy flow and an even easier beat. Keep your eyes peeled for his next single, and the ones after that. Cornelius SA is here, and he’s here to stay.