Crosscurrent channel vintage tones and indie complexities in their fresh videos for “Boho Boy” and “That Girl”

Crosscurrent is one of those bands who have been quietly, steadily treading the scene for the past couple of years – every now and then dropping a quintessentially funky track or an equally energy-fuelled performance.

I say quintessential, but these days their music is hardly that. They seem to have surmounted the indie-pop contingency, ridden over the other side and stepped into their own.  

Their latest offerings are a pair of music videos released over the last few months, and they prove just that. From the nostalgia-soaked strains and sweeping cinematography of “That Girl” to the rollicking indie-Afro-pop cross-country adventure which is “Boho Boy” – both videos were shot by students in support of their growing portfolio alongside the band’s own.

Creatively spearheaded by Nicholas Loupis, the 7-minute video for “That Girl” is brimming in sweeping shots of winding Cape coast as the boys nostalgically ride their vintage car to an abandoned concrete location, nestled in the fynbos. Navigating themes of love and betrayal with a sort of stripped, curated fragility, stripped guitar and piano meet driving drums in the latter half of the track and somehow manifest into a sneaky energy burst.

“Boho Boy” on the other hand, is a rollicking indie-pop banger which tracks a comedic goose-chase of a pretty girl across country. It’s shot by Shannon Reilly and Brandon Zeeman and involves a trio of red suitcases, their accompanying trio of love-struck boys, a close encounter with a shark and a fair amount of delerium.

Give yourselves a little dose of Crosscurrent, these boys know how to entertain.