denz channels expert indie-dance production in his I Want Some Soul mixtape

Hailing beneath his production moniker Dean Salant (also of hip-hop outfit Zooniverse) becomes denz behind his production deck, channeling an indie-electro tangent which has seen him recently drop his I Want Some Soul mixtape. Primarily created and produced in Tokyo, the project is a 7-track conglomerate of deft soundscape. 

Tracking themes of alienation, love and loss – you know, the regular – the mixtape finds its feet nowhere in particular. “Zelo” kicks things off with an expansive deep-dive into a bold synth pulse, blossoming into a rolling soundscape, fringed in ambient guitar lines. 

“I Want Some Soul” features Pink Mario and pairs a polka-dot rhythm and vocal distortions with a huge, brawny beat-drop part way through – while “Stranger Crowd” featuring Bijou Bijou on silky vocals, feels refreshingly light on its feet compared to the dark solidity of its contemporaries. 

It’s all pots and pans in “Neon Noir” – tinny percussion ringing through beside a grinding bass-line. “The First Ones” channels an off-kilter beat on-top of a waird, warping ambience, generously textured in all sort, pinning it as perhaps the most fascinating track on the tape. 

“Remember” drops a heady sucker-punch of a beat right in the middle before “Pretend” wraps things up with a chiming, ethereal syncopation, as denz paints broad soundscapes from his multi-textured palate.