Doja Cat goes for a joyride through ’70s Hollywood in her sultry video for “Say So”

You might already know this track purely for its dual reputation for misheard lyrics (by literally everyone) and the viral meme it sparked which sent the internet into a frenzy of dubbed mash-ups featuring the likes of Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande. It also sparked its very own TikTok dance-off which saw the track streak across the airwaves.

It isn’t Doja Cat’s first rodeo in the viral spotlight though. In mid 2018 – post dropping her debut album Amala earlier that year – she posted a hastily shot video for her satirical track “Mooo!” (although I’m not even sure if the lyrics “Bitch, I’m a cow/ I’m not a cat/ I don’t say ‘meow'” count as satire) which saw the net explode.

Cut to 2020 and just to add to her lauded smash hit reputation, Doja Cat dropped a colour-soaked vintage style visual for “Say So” – a sultry throwback to summery 1970’s LA. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis (who has churned out vibrant videos for Kacey Musgraves, Charlie XCX too), it plays off a retro Hollywood Hills consort theme.

Doja Cat reclines in a plush, vinyl-filled abode, when enters sexy handyman to fix the record player – and she just can’t keep her eyes off him. Night falls and the party moves to a disco club. Doja Cat as a tiger at his side, sexy handyman busts out some moves.

It’s a delightfully vintage LA dream of a video, as snap-back and sassy as the artist herself.