EET KREEF HERLEEF! is heading to Pretoria for an all-star Johannes Kerkorrel & Die Gereformeerde Blues Band revival

EET KREEF! (eat lobster) by the pioneering ysters of the Afrikaans alt-rock world, Johannes Kerkorrel, wasn’t exactly an album you’d expose your verkrampte tannie to on a Sunday afternoon in the ’80s.

During a politically turbulent time in South Africa when censorship was peaking, the alternative Afrikaans group was regarded as heavily anti establishment with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics laced with political satire.

Three decades later and the iconic rock legends are being remembered by our scene’s current rock pioneers. The project is a time capsule exhumed by Frank Freeman who takes up guitar and vocals and will be performed aptly throughout March –  human rights month in South Africa which commemorates the horrific happenings of the horrific Sharpeville Massacre.

Laudo Liebenberg (vocals), Frank Freeman (guitar and vocals), Sheldon Yoko (drums), Schalk van der Merwe (bass), Mikhaela Kruger (keyboard and vocals), and Nicole Mitchell (backing vocals) have clubbed together in re-interpretive, live-rendition of Johannes Kerkorrel’s satirical statements of the past which hold as much contextual relevance today as they did yesteryear. 

The EET KREEF HERLEEF! live show will be presented at Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria on Friday 27 March

Tickets are R220: 

Also look out for EET KREEF HERLEEF! shows at the US Woordfees on 15 March and at KKNK on 24 and 25 March.