Embrace the chaos with the klubs’ new EP, Cult Party pt. 2: Bow Down

Pretoria’s post-punk outfit, the klubs, are back with the second part of their 3-part album: their brand-new EP – Cult Party pt. 2: Bow Down – and it’s the perfect accompaniment to these crazy, apocalyptic times.

The raucous EP comprises of four audaciously unapologetic tracks that are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Thrown headfirst into the thick of things with the opening “Pastor’s Dance”, Dylan Christie’s defiant lyrics are delivered with a distinctive rawness and no-fucks-given attitude that rapaciously demands your attention from the very first line.

What follows is an EP characterised by its break-neck tempo, slamming riffs and head-bang worthy shreds which are tied together by emphatic drumming from Wesley Reinecke and Warren Frost’s relentlessly dark bass.

Bow Down sees the band expand on the overarching themes of introspection and self-criticism which they began exploring in pt 1. – a theme which culminates in an EP that is drenched in existential angst and emotional disdain that we can all, on some level, relate to.

The songs in Bow Down favour authentic emotion over clean execution and are delivered with an energy that is – dare I say it – infectious.  It’s not here to be a laid-back listening experience and that’s where the appeal lies, especially in these chaotic times.