Georgetown pair up with The Moonies for a wholesome groove of a track “The Sham”

Afro-fusion meets southern folk tendencies and combusts in “The Sham”. SAMA-nominated Georgetown recently joined forces with vibrant up-and-coming Newtown brass band The Moonies for this full-bodied, spirited offering.

The track is bulked up on instrumentals and fills every inch of the audial space it could occupy. Rooted in percussive rhythm, the bands stack instrumentals upon one another until the track is bursting at the seams. The Moonies slide in for some bold brass and choral vocal injections to root it deeply in South African tendencies.

Thematically the track tackles a lighthearted view of dealing with disagreements – whether it be cultural, personal or opinion based. Conversely there’s an aspect of the track which is a patriotic nod to a country still heaving with cultural differences – and a reminder that real unity is in the music.

The video is as colourful as the song. Composed of a series of portrait shots of the individual band members against smokey, colourful backgrounds – each gets a moment to throw down their portion of the track. Lending a polished, clarified aspect to a song heaving with content, it makes for a gorgeously modern visual accompaniment.

And fun. This whole offering is so damn fun.