Honeymoan’s Weirdo EP is a masterful pop offering that will have you searching for the nearest dance floor

Arguably one of the best things to happen to SA music as of late, Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for March, Honeymoan, have released a deliciously-varied indie-pop EP that’s an absolute treat for the ears.

Weirdo is everything you could possibly want from a pop EP – and more – thanks to the band’s dynamic energy that is simply impossible to ignore. Replete with all the trimmings that make a feel-good pop album, without any of the pretentiousness that can often accompany it, Weirdo is an unapologetically enjoyable oeuvre from the band.

The EP features four tracks that masterfully explore the range of the band’s distinctive sound, with each song seemingly better than the next. The first two songs on the EP – the spirited “Still Here” and the anthemic “Too Much” – set a wonderfully upbeat pace which then gives way to the slower, more whimsical sounds of “Fidelio” and the effortlessly groovy “Weirdo”. This progression enables the band to capture your full attention from the very first note and they do not relinquish their grasp on you until the last.

Frank lyrics with more than a touch of wit weave an introspective narrative that explores the human condition, from the melancholy of unrequited love to the tumultuousness of anxiety and depression, offering listeners a refreshing break from more traditional pop songwriting. The compelling lyrics are complemented by a combination of sparkling synth, melodious guitar and a bass line that oozes cool, while lead singer Alison Rachel’s enthralling vocals ties everything together.

Weirdo is an undeniably feel-good offering from the band which will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.