Human Nebula go cosmic in their video for “Andromeda”

Pretoria-based progressive deathcore outfit Human Nebula’s video for “Andromeda” gives the band a cosmic edge.

Decipher the growls and screams that make up most of the lyrical content and you’ll find that the lyrics are a lot tenderer than the chugging riffs and pounding drums would have us believe. Born out of tragedy “Andromeda” is a melting pot of pain, regret, and finding the will to keep going. 

Dabbling in the cosmic aesthetic that’s become a major part of the prog-metal scene, the members of Human Nebula seem to become much bigger than themselves. While they themselves might not have changed the near-silhouetting and lighting trickery make them seem like chaotic anti-heroes from an 80s comic series.

What this look does as well, is externalise vocalist Gareth Reed’s emotional struggle in such a way that it seems like a titanic struggle between man and the universe.

At its core “Andromeda” is a song about putting one foot in front of the other in the face of immense pain and the video acknowledges that by making Human Nebula, and therefore everything that comes with the song, seem larger than life.