It’s all about breaking bad habits in Oooth’s “Gotta Give It Up”

Oooth go back to basics in their video for their honest, hard-hitting single “Gotta Give It Up”.

Born out of a god-awful hangover, this riff-heavy, high-octane number takes an honest look at lifestyle choices that aren’t productive or healthy anymore. Jason Oosthuizen’s voice is filled with desperate determination as he wills himself to give up the hangovers and burnt throats that seem to go hand-in-hand with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Shot in black and white and taking the form of a live performance interspersed with backstage shots with an unfathomable amount of beer on display, the video is filled with the determination that the song oozes. The internal battle Oosthuizen fights as he tries to kick the habit is evident for all to see as his band-mates motor wholeheartedly through the song.

Black and white is a risky way to go because it can often appear as a bolstering crutch – but when done right its simplicity is a wonderful medium for expressing complicated emotions.