John Tsenoli is back with his inspiring new single “Long Road”

John Tsenoli’s new single “Long Road” and its accompanying music video are simultaneously humbling and inspiring.

Four years ago Tsenoli left everything he knew behind in Lesotho and moved to Johannesburg to chase his dream of becoming a musician. As has happened to so many of us, he ran into tough times that made him question whether he’d made the right choice but eventually his hard work paid off and that’s the crux of the song.

“Long Road” is a mostly positive song with Tsenoli’s smooth but always powerful voice soaring over joyous music. It tells us that even though the road is long and often confusing, if you feel something deep inside your bones you have to chase it.

The video takes a slightly more auto-biographical approach that brings a ton of emotional power to the song. By using a story that all South Africans are familiar with it gives us more of an understanding of the journey Tsenoli has been on and the things he’s had to go through.

As an audio-visual package “Long Road” is an emotional journey that will remind everybody who’s trying to be a somebody that if you want something enough and if you work hard enough you will get there.