KennyHoopla channles unexpected indie-rock flair in his “how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?” video

At first glance you might throw KennyHoopla in among the slew of gritty hip hop acts steadily crawling out of the woodwork. He’s certainly got the cover style for it. But take a listen to what he’s putting out the airwaves and be prepared to be blown sideways – at least a little.

This is singular indie rock at some of the finest I’ve heard from the burgeoning industry for a while. “how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway” is the titular track off his upcoming EP – due to drop on the 27th of March – and he’s dropped a sizzling music video to go with it.

He’s one of the freshest faces dropping music right now – he only really started gathering momentum with his 2019 single “Lost Cause” which is all philosophical lyrics and nostalgic trimmings. His latest release is a little more cathartic and whole lot more euphoric.

The accompanying video sees KennyHoopla as the life of the party – the visuals bursting at the seams to match the driving drums and bulked out guitars. “Culture is so claustrophobic,” he roars, squeaking his chequered Van on a chequered floor. “You clean up nice/ just like a dead man,” he adds, as chaos ripples out in waves through the party.

He’s been thrown in among the new wave and we’re here to watch it break.