Kimosabe just dropped his final cyborg-esque installment of his trilogy: Nights, Vol. 3

The Night’s Trilogy kicked off way back in 2016 and now here we are in the new decade and Nights Vol. 3 is out on the airways for your perusal. Kimosabe has written, mixed, mastered and engineered the entire trilogy – with the exception of three tracks in which DJ Kaznova, Ceuber and ByLwansta slid in to add their bit.

His latest collection of tracks, pivoted off night-time inspiration, comes in the form of a 10-track album, steeped in alien-synth persuasion and R&B/soul inflections alike. The result is a cyborg-esque album, wracked in echoing beats, harrowing synth and smooth, crooning vocals.

The greater part of the album deals with relationships in various shapes and forms. He tackles bad headspaces (“Asylum”), wallows in self-pity in “Lonely Boy”, and then squares up to own a serial friends-with-benefits archetype in “Don’t Call Me Baby”.

His sound is raw and bulbous. From the snagging, metallic beat and clacking percussion of “Needed”, to the cruising, rounded soundscape of “Spyder”. Things get a little sexy in “Laws of Attraction”, while “No Heart” keeps things spinning off a playboy perameter through a narrative of heartless hook-ups.

Kimosabe has dropped his most enigmatic and intriguing release yet.