Lungelo Manzi returns with his second EP, Mixed Portions, and it features all the emerging talent you should keep your eye on

Lungelo Manzi returns swiftly with the Mixed Portions EP: his second collaboration with production house Cultured Chaos.

It follows the success of a series of in-studio Sunday Sessions hosted at the Cultured Chaos HQ, where Manzi was able to meet emerging talent in KZN. He took great inspiration, and the result is an integrated EP featuring some of Durban’s most hopeful artists. Every track includes a number of musicians and producers alongside Manzi himself, mixed and mastered by Cultured Chaos.

There’s an unstoppable energy across the tracks, with bass lines and crystal rhythms that ground Manzi’s volatile flow. “Go Easy” starts things off with a smack of feel-good vibes, and carries them throughout the EP. Get to “Nat King Cole” however and it ruffles the feathers with a more distorted production rooted in the defiance of rhythm, all while centering around a single piano note. It’s an interesting one, and definitely worth the listen. 

You might have noticed the play on food, in both the album title and the lyrics. It’s a quirky staple that ties the EP to the Cultured Chaos brand, but more so goes to show that Lungelo Manzi doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s here for the celebration of collective artistry, and it seems only fitting that we share in the pleasure.