Mama Aiuto is back once again with his third EP, The Middle of Nowhere, and it’s his best yet

Mama Aiuto has proven himself to be a prolific producer, and he now returns with his third EP The Middle of Nowhere, and it’s arguably his best yet. 

It’s more ambient than the previous two, with a sense of continuity that happily holds you. The production feels softly subtle, and is a vast improvement on the sparseness and uniformity of his last record. There’s also a greater sense of vitality to this album – the tracks are in conversation with each other, working both singularly and together. He has kept the best parts of his sound and married them with a more creative direction, such that The Middle of Nowhere celebrates Mama Aiuto’s jazzed-up nuances while still pushing the boundaries of experimental tape music as we know it. 

Album opener “Submerged” shows off some of his best electro-melodies and really establishes the album’s artistic standpoints – muffled under-tones, lilting background vocals, and best of all, submersion itself. “Closer to Closure” veers more in the direction of lo-fi, while “Bougainvillea” swims deeper into the sounds of psychedelic dreams.

This record really does take you to the middle of nowhere, it leaves you to explore, and finally, takes you right back home.