Mikhaela Faye releases a classically sultry video for her single “Body”

The first 30 seconds of my introduction to Mikhaela Faye was all delicately chiming piano lines and silvery vocals – cut to the chorus and a dark electronic pop beat grinds down on the track, shattering and remaking the track wholly.

She’s got an ear for the unusual – not that “Body” is particuarly unusual. It’s a sexy indie-pop combustion of a track. Echoing vocals and hollow beats meet sultry vocal lines – “Naked sheets and cigarettes/ a Christmas bed for two,” she croons at the start, as the grainy film camera tracks a flower-strewn mattress.

The video is a combination of rough-edged film footage – in what appear to be flashbacks to the rusted glory days of a relationship – and smoother modern shots of her mourning and celebrating her newfound solitude in equal measure. The video wraps on an extended shot of her dancing by the dim light of a chandelier – and it’s as wholesomely sexy as it comes.  

She charts a middle ground between contemporary and classic – drawing on post-modern nuances through a sincere lens.