Muzi and Chris Martin rekindle bromance on the producer & DJ’s upcoming single release “Sondela Forever”

Chris Martin fell for Muzi after he saw him perform at Afropunk Paris in 2019, publicly calling the producer & DJ’s performance, “one of the best things I’ve ever seen.”

Fast forward a few months later and the new homies had released a Muzi Remix of Coldplay’s “Orphans” to critical acclaim, but the good vibes didn’t stop there.

Shortly after Martin sent Muzi a piano rendition of “Sondela”, one of his favourite tracks off ZENO album, Muzi was quick to add vocals to it and send it back to Martin, who loved it so much (the guy is obsessed) that he suggested the song be released. Casual.

Talking to Bubblegum Club at the end of 2019, Muzi explained, “You’d expect a guy like Chris Martin to have this big ego but he doesn’t because he’s got nothing to prove. He’s just like “I think you’re a great musician, I think you can really make this thing happen, I think you can really knock it out the park.”

Yesterday Muzi took to socials to exclaim how excited he was about the track that drops this week Friday and I for one am itching to hear the sweet music that has undoubtably been made.

Pre-order or pre-add the track now.