New kids in alternative Afrikaans music town, Kontras, release their brand new single and music video “Velde”

Kontras just dropped their single and music video for heartfelt “Velde”: a tidbit to their upcoming debut album Ruimtevaarder which is on the launch-pad set for release in September. 

This fusion of varsity mates comprising Jacques Groenewald (lead vocalist), Andrew Veldman (guitarist), Louwrens Labuschagne (bassist), and Daniel Botha (drums), turned an after-lecture-jam-lab into an Afrikaans alternative rock band and arguably made their debut at a sweaty Aandklas gig last year. 

Their latest release, “Velde” changes pace from the skater-punk style and gives a tug at the feels as Groenewald sits in an old room among memories in the form of crumpled photos covering the floor. 

Shots of a little girl and her father who appear to be dealing with the loss of a mother and a wife flash in slow motion between scenes of Groenewald belting out the chorus in the solemn room. While the little girl battles to find comfort from her father back home, she turns to a friend and his dog who exit the real world and enter their own world of play and make believe and turn into their own heroes. 

Influenced by Afrikaans alt giants like Fokof and Glaskas, as Kontras shapeshift and change sound and we’re waiting on that album.