Pat McCay spins wholesome acoustic tunes and a fresh new look at life in his Ready album

Pat McCay channels the sort of quintessential indie folk feel we all know and love – but he’s quick to spice it up with wallowing textures and a lick of electronicism when it strikes his fancy.

Ready comes after a seismic shift in his personal journey and if this doesn’t mark him as ready to take on the world of music then I don’t know what will. The album is packed with roaring energy and weaving fragility in equal measure.

He pays homage to a father figure in the chiming, bouncing predictability of “Father”, reels things in for a cold hard look at growing up in “Son” – and waxes lyrical about the power and grace of women in the playful, stripped bass strains of “Great”.

It’s not all frollicking acoustics and organic textures which stitch this album together – although the play a good, healthy part (“For You” and “Ready” take the cake). McCay is quick to avoid falling into a any sort of typical trap and “It Was” takes a left-hand turn with kick-back ‘80’s synth and a rambling rock trajectory.

He’s polished and predictable, catchy and irrestitably charming – all the while running a consistent vein of rocky, raw honesty.