PHLO’s non-stop nature will always find its way into the grooves and smiles of a crowd

PHLO took over The Raptor Room last Friday for a dance party alongside recent Band Or Bust finalists, Champion Trees, and amidst all the panic and concern as of late, it was more than refreshing.

Right off the bat their energy was high-octane, and it stayed that way ’til the very end. After a rumbling drum set to start things off, the boys jumped onto the stage with “Ride Tonight”, fashioning some excellent button-ups to match their groove. 

Some familiar covers followed – Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” had everyone putting on their best Michael impressions, followed by MGMT’s “Kids”, a youthful favourite that got the hearts beating and the heads swaying.

If one thing’s for sure, PHLO seriously know how to get a crowd going. They radiate such a happy energy to be doing what they love, and the fans no doubt feed off of that.

A standout moment in the show had to be when frontman Phehello Makgoe brought things down to a hum and asked the crowd to sit down and share in on “Be” – a track special to his heart. It was the most intimate point of the night, and really went to show the versatility that backed the group’s skills, Phehello’s vocals soaring right till the end.

They closed things up with one of their best tracks, “Give It To Me”, a true pop bangsman, and a fitting end to a radiant night.

Once Corona doesn’t have you locked up inside definitely get yourselves to one of PHLO’s next shows. You can thank me later.