Rocking The Daisies’ festival director offers up idea for creating makeshift hospitals in the wake of Covid-19 hitting SA

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”

That’s what Rocking The Daisies’ festival director George Avakian tweeted yesterday and I couldn’t agree more.

As SA enters 21 days of lockdown at midnight tonight in the hopes of Flattening The Curve before shit really hits the fan in SA, there is a lot of uncertainty about the days ahead.

And as we look at cities like New York that are in dire need of 140 000 beds and have only 53 000 beds currently at their disposal, a lot of South Africans shudder to think what might happen to our healthcare system if the situation ever had to get really bad here.

Enter George Avakian, who has offered up a potential solution for setting up temporary hospitals in SA if that day had to ever arrive.

“We obviously house a number of staff and beds for the festival, so we built a plan for temporary beds, in isolated rooms, structures within structures to split air space, with all necessary facilities, power, lights, running water, sewerage, and it can be placed pretty much anywhere,” George told Channel24 in a statement yesterday.

“My thinking was it would assist hospitals, as they can be erected in parking lots. We obviously engage with these sorts of suppliers year on year, so we could erect the beds within no time.”

Avakian went on to tweet that he reckons him and his team could get 1000 beds up in a matter of days, and that he had contacted the president’s personal assistant about his plan.

Hopefully we’ll never have the need to implement this plan, but regardless, hopefully Cyril’s office is listening.