Similar Summers drop their new EP Spacecase, with a brightness of energy that never lets up

Similar Summers bring us SA boy-band folk in true form on their new EP Spacecase. It might remind you of the likes of Shortstraw or even Straatligkinders: it’s summery (what else would you expect?), and with a kind of beach-bonfire atmosphere, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The tracks are melody-heavy, with bobbing vocals and high-paced strumming that never lets up. “Life is a Sci-Fi” is maybe the best showcase of the band’s energy, as the lead singer literally goes from start to end without a breath. It’s certainly impressive, but it feels gimmicky too. It brings up questions of restraint, and how far the nuances of a genre can be pushed before they lose gravity. This kind of new-age SA-folk that has come about in recent years has always been on the playful side, but Similar Summers tend to bump it over the edge.

The tracks are also underproduced, yet this actually works for their style. The rough instrumentals and slightly off-pitch vocals add to the band’s carefree nature, and in the grand scheme of things, we could all use a little loosening up.

It doesn’t seem like 2020 will be giving the human race a break anytime soon, but at least we’ll always have music like this to brighten things up.