Sipho The Gift’s “Boy” is a chest-thumping decision of the self

Sipho The Gift’s latest video single “Boy” follows a child that is seemingly Sipho himself, as he grapples with what it means to make your own choices from a young age and how this ultimately defines you as a person. Sipho grew up without the guidance of a father figure and had to navigate the traditions of manhood on his own, something that translates heavily into the feeling of the track.

The music centres around this wheezing, ominous melody played in reverse, and when matched with the dark visuals and night time shadows, you’ve got a video that supports the track’s despair perfectly. The fast chant chorus and distant yells further add to the overall tone, but it never becomes overwhelming. It’s reigned back by more common production choices such as the crunchy beat and steady flow – a balanced yet nuanced result. 

Directed by Emilie Badenhorst of Los Angeles-based production house Cous Cous, her intimate portrayal of character feels vastly cinematic, and really sets Sipho apart from his fellow contemporaries. Rather than treading lightly over verve and image, Sipho The Gift tackles the complexities of childhood head on, and tells a blended story that’s invigorating right till the very end.