Sketchy Bongo pairs up with Locnville to get behind the polished wheel of a “95 Skyline”

At its core, Sketchy Bongo and Locnville’s new track is pretty much an ode to the classic 95 Skyline – a car, for those of you, like me, who haven’t quite tapped into the intricacies of the vehicular spectrum.

Our boy, Sketchy Bongo, hailing from Durban has released a slew of hits and and banging collaborations over the years – including teaming up with the likes of Shekinah, Aewon Wolf and Kyle Deutsch. There are few who aren’t familiar with the Locnville twins – and the fine tuned combination of the twins’ growling vocals and Sketchy Bongo’s cruising, languid electro production is a silky lovenote to some equally polsihed wheels.

The video, shot in the Durban promenade skatepark – and later on the night-lit city streets – is directed by Rob Dos Santos and is a polished throwback of a visual. “While the track revolves around a vehicle, it is about so much more and speaks to the carefree lives we lived in the mid 90’s,” he explains.

A chiming melody meets a fibrillating snare kick before the beat drops. Locnville trade verses with the carefree ambivalence of a couple of guys just here for a good time. Skaters shred concrete in the graffiti-smeared skate park while Locnville navigate the city streets behind the wheel of their classic drive.

It’s polished and post-modern in equal measure.