South Africans losing their minds to James Blake’s live stream is the best thing you’ll see today

While the entire country was waiting last night for Cyril Ramaphosa to address the nation about further Coronavirus measures implemented by the government, SA James Blake fans were noticeably stressed.

One fan tweeted the muso to saying, “our president is about to address us in less than 45 mins & our nerves are shattered. we need healing music post announcement. what time are you actually playing? 9pm?”

To which she received the following reply:

As if I couldn’t love him any more. But the best was still to come during his IG live stream with eager South Africans commenting wholesale, which Dani Bagel expertly screenshotted.

Yes, South Africans are the best. As for Blake’s set, it was basically perfect. But it was his gorgeous rendition of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” that totally destroyed me showcasing his chops on the keys while expertly channelling Thom Yorke with a touching vocal.

And thankfully, he didn’t open with “Imagine” like he threatened too.