Steven Dayvid McKellar’s live rendition of his latest solo single “Modern Boy” is an arresting sonic soliloquy to society

Civil Twilight frontman, Steven Dayvid McKellar has emerged from a 4-year hiatus with a real beautiful body of work under his arm, that is a solid soundtrack to the sign of these calamitous times.

The idea around the live version premiere of “Modern Boy” is for the video to act as an induction to the album ETHIO dropping on the 10th of April. “Modern Boy” makes us privy to the beautiful tragedy that is McKellar’s DIY 8-track album.

A makeshift music desk at the back of a blue pickup truck sets the scene of “Modern Boy”. A four-legged friend sits patiently at McKellar’s heel – a vestige of comfort while he pours over a keyboard. A bleak, colourless sky floats above. Trees are naked and harsh.

A scene overlaid with an inverted colour effect slowly hovers over a sign board that reads “The Redeemed Christian Church” before flashing to trash spilling over a bin onto the road.

McKellar’s despairing lyrics meander/wander through the mind: “Modern boy, I’m sorry about the way it is/ I’m sorry about the state it’s in”. A message to the future that speaks to the wreckage society has left in its wake of consumerism.

A brief pause accompanies a black screen before a mournful howl pierces the silence, probing chills.

ETHIO, is being positioned as not just an album. It is a host of ideas. It is a manifestation of feelings weaved together with visual elements and questions about environmental disasters, social responsibility, immoral systems, and patriotism in light of current events.