strongboi, Alice Phoebe Lou’s new alter-ego side-project, just debuted and it’s fiery and funky

It’s side-projects like these which keep things fresh and flowing on the circuit and my hopes high. Longtime friends and bandmates Ziv Yamin and Alice Phoebe Lou paired up a couple of years ago when he joined her band – and 2019 saw their creative collaboration give birth to strongboi: a fiery genre-hopping duo of eclecticism. 

Their debut comes in the form of a self-titled video, whose track is due to drop on the 20th of March. Captured on 8mm film by Daklis (also Alice’s band’s bassist) while in Las Vegas last December, the video is a spontenous and improvised introductory exhibition of just who these guys are. 

It’s retro meets post-modern in the most delightful way. ’90’s polka-dot synths square up to cluttered textures and a progressive melody beat which feels like it’s bordering on a dub rhythm. It’s awash in femme sharp-edged empowerment, dropped with hip-hop-esque verve from the sassy lips of Alice’s grittier side – “Sharpen your claws my girl/ learn to love your flaws my girl.”

The video is all Casio keyboards, funky sunglasses and jazzy dance-moves in the desert. A collection of hand-held camera shots tracking the pair through the streets and escalators of Las Vegas. 

Watch out world, this is some funky stuff and there’s a whole lot more to drop soon.