Sulene steers pop in another direction to catch you in the web of her sophomore album, Fire Escaping

South African-born singer-songwriter and composer, Sulene who has toured with Grammy-winning artist and Fun. frontman Nate Ruess, bops around Brooklyn these days and is proof that a familiar genre with melodies, hooks and choruses that always seem to remind us of that one song can be reinvented to resemble something fierce and fresh while harnessing its flirty, relatable essence.

Focus track, “Kiss Harder” ushers in the four-track EP and then eases into the slow and sentimental “Sleeping In”. It has a sitting at your window-seat, stargazing feel to it, which allows you to get lost in your head.

“Diamond” flips on and you’re suddenly coerced into your private bedroom dance routine. But listen a little closer and you’ll realise the track is about wrestling with feelings for a crush who isn’t quite ready to keep their love exclusive.

“Out of Your Head” is the perfect end to the pretty pop EP. A collection of crush anthems for the car top-down, hair blowing in the wind scenario.

Sulene’s upbeat oeuvre with upcycled ‘80s drum beats and synths is celebrated because she has a knack for taking elements from the past and interpretively overlaying them with elements from the present with skillful pizazz.