Sunken State has some choice words for humanity in their lyric video for “This is the End”

Joburg-based metal outfit Sunken State’s lyric video for “This is the End” finds power through simplicity.

“This is the End” is an intensely intimidating song. Written as a critique of the greed that runs rife through humanity the frenetic riffs and unrelenting, high-energy drums combined with vocalist Dwayne Hees’ demonic vocals are enough to put anyone on edge.

Lyric videos seem simple in concept yet are difficult to make interesting and effective without falling into a myriad of traps. Often musicians go overboard or rely too much on minimalism and end up making a mockery of themselves. 

That’s not the case here, though. With Sunken State’s emblem as the base, the lyrics – written in a suitably extreme font – flash over the emblem, never staying still for long. They’re just words but the font mixed with their movement ramp up the frenetic, adrenaline-fuelled nature of the song.

“This is the End” is already a blistering song and when you add the lyric video to the mix the intensity goes up more than a few notches.