TATUM’s debut video for single “Fever” matches the haunting delivery of her shadowy ballad

At the end of February 2020 Tatum dropped her second single “Fever” and the response in the wake of that drop has been intense – with prominent playlisting features and international media coverage, including the coveted Record Of The Day crowning.

Today she follows that single drop with the release of her debut music video for “Fever”.

“The opening lyrics ‘Lost kids on a lost highway’ and ‘Let’s ride the divine wind’ set up the initial story in my mind,” explains director Matthew Levings, “Something that could swing from carefree to something sinister very easily. I imagined Tatum in a seemingly innocent and frivolous relationship.”

There is something sinister lurking behind the haunting vocal delivery and bare boned production of the song,” Levings goes on to express. “There are moments of tension in the relationship, but also indicators that the character of Tatum might be split and she is seen isolated scenes. The farm was a perfect location for the vision, as Tatum herself reflects something more timeless and adventurous.”

This one is a tale as old as time – the toxic lovers in a relationship doomed to fail. You’re privy to very little that goes on behind closed doors but you know how this one is going to end.