The Death of Glitter takes their infamously fabulous event digital and you’re all invited to the new age of utopia, party, art & sex

The Death of Glitter is a queer arts and club-kid movement on a mission to summon to the dance floor every shape, size, form, attitude, and wig-type in celebration of all things ‘other’.

The party is usually held at EVOL, on Cape Town’s Hope Street, a zone now off limits, but they’re not about to hang up no tiaras or toss any tassels aside. In light of the lockdown, Death of Glitter have gone the cyber route, as any resilient 21st-century rave would, bringing the party to the comfort of your couch (actually no, no couches allowed… it’s a dancing jol), kitchen, or dungeon.

They’re all about the hype and suspense, so artists will be announced one by one throughout this period of lockdown. Tazme Pillay, The Queen of the Glitterati explains more about their roll-out strategy, “Each artist is going to go live on a weekly basis and stream their content and their work, and will host it on the Death of Glitter page. We’re just going to keep building the momentum and the hype for a larger live stream event.”

They’ll be collecting donations towards paying the artists involved via both Quicket and PayPal.

Check out the event on Facebook for more details, and to find out more about how you can donate and get yourself a front-row seat to the Glitter show.

“To all the strange kids isolated as fuck in this plastic city, this one’s for you” – D.O.G.