The end of an era: Cape Town’s Mercury Live announces it’s closing its door after 20 years of business

As South Africa’s entertainment industry grapples to comes to terms with our new reality under the Coronavirus pandemic, this morning we were all dealt a massive blow with the news that iconic Cape Town music venue Mercury Live, will close its doors for good at the end of March.

In a Facebook status and statement I legit cried when I read this morning, the current owners explained their situation saying that they were unable to “keep this baby going” and wished everyone well.

Three years ago Richard Liefeldt (Retro Dizzy) interviewed Mercury Live’s new owner, Tim Moolman, and he was full of positivity about the future of the iconic venue, spitting plans for bands and events, and to a certain extent he achieved most of the things he set out to do. Which makes things all the more heartbreaking.

I honestly have no idea what the future of Cape Town’s music scene is going to look like without Mercury Live. But my guess would be bleak AF.