The Kiffness wants you to listen to our president and please stay at home and #FlattenTheCurve

Captain’s log. Day 6 of self-isolation, Sunday evening. An inconceivable amount of caffeine has been consumed but the tank’s still running on empty.

Thank god for The Kiffness’ latest video, a Coronavirus parody of one of the greatest songs of all time, Toto’s “Africa”.

“I noticed that some people weren’t taking self quarantining too seriously so I thought it was time to bring in our generation’s biggest anthem to combat the biggest pandemic of the decade,” David Scott explains to me over Whatsapp – humanity’s current bastion of communication.

“The original is the greatest song of all time in my personal opinion [Ed’s note: David and I have impeccable taste]. It was so fun recreating my own version of the song and damn, I learned a lot about harmony arrangement through the process.”

The Kiffness seems to have found sanity in recreating this gem of a track and he has urged all bedroom producers (because lets face it, you’re all bedroom producers for the foreseeable future) to do the same saying, “Now that you’re stuck at home – if you ever want to improve your production, try recreating some of your favourite songs. You’re bound to learn something!”

Only time will tell whether they’ll become an instant classic like this one.