The Strokes track the commodification of their sound in the quirkiest way possible in their video for “Bad Decisions”

The Strokes solidified their stance as one of the coolest indie rock bands around last month when they peformed a wild rally for Bernie Sanders which got so raucous it was shut down by police.

Now they’ve just dropped a new track and video straight off their upcoming album The New Abnormal, which drops on the 10th of April. Directed by Andrew Donoho, the video for “Bad Decisions” tracks a slapstick parody which eventually goes horrifyingly wrong – as a 1970s-themed commercialised rollout of clones of the band eventually hits a defective wall.

The track harks comfortably back to the jangling strains of ’80s pop, but the sepia-toned video is easily a decade behind. The thumping drums and easy guitar work are a nod both to their original work and proof of their progression out of a sound which became blueprint for all indie bands for a while.

In the video The Strokes are no longer a band of human beings but a hot new product on the shelves to be summoned by a bedazzled machine as expressionless playthings. And while the track is a bit of a semi-sweet love song, the video unfurls the commidification of the general industry with quirk and a little dose of unnerving truth.