Zebra get funky, frenetic and unfathomably relatable in their self-titled debut EP

These guys know how to make the best of the mass shut down – or any situation I reckon. So when CODIV-19 interfered with their EP launch event, Zebra livestreamed their set instead. Quick on the game.

The Heard – as they’re affectionally called – have been around for a while. Hailing from Pretoria they’re quick to describe themselves as the “wayward love-child of comedic rock and indie music” – and it’s pretty apt. They’re all sorts of funky, rolled into a rough-around-the-edges indie-rock outfit.

Their EP comes in the form of a rollicking 7-minute side-splitter of an indie-rock offering that going to become your little patriotic boogie playlist in these times of isolation.

Their content is all ove the map and as relatable as it comes. From an ode to staying away from relationships at the tender age of “21” – to the layered, growling African strains of “Gugulethu”, which is as much a love song to the township as it is to a girl walking its streets.

“Let Me Love You” and “JD” are classic love-lorn tracks rooted in gliding, catchy, high-tone melody – while “I Hate My Boss” (well, enough said) and “Pay The Rent” will knock you back with their rollicking, raucous tangents.

Keep an eye on this heard.