Bongeziwe Mabandla makes his debut on COLORS during their new Home/Bred YouTube series and it’s a standout moment for singer-songwriter

On Tuesday evening Bongeziwe Mabandla performed on the renowned international music platform COLORS as part of their Home/Bred series on YouTube.

“COLORS is a platform I have looked up to for a very long time,” Bongeziwe expressed. “They are constantly showcasing amazing talent. So, you can imagine my excitement when they asked me to join the platform and do a performance from my home in Johannesburg.

Performing three songs – “Isiphelo”, “Khangela” and “Zange” off his latest album iimini – Bongeziwe predictably had everybody in the chat, and those watching, hooked – regardless of whether or not they’d heard him perform before.

Such is the beauty of Bongeziwe. He is in a simple word – captivating.

Due to the current circumstances Colors are lending their online space to all the artists trapped at home unable to perform and every Tuesday they’re featuring new home-recorded sessions by artists from around the world.