Da Beach Boyz blend old skate punk and hardcore and their short 4-track EP is giving us new life in lockdown

I don’t know about you but for me, Da Beach Boyz are the only good thing to come out of this godforsaken lockdown.

Richard Staub (Weed Dealer, Conqueror) and Thomas McWilliam (Go Go Bronco!) got together a while back to do a demo EP and its lockdown blues that convinced them to finally release it, with Pieter Jordaan (Peasant) and Graham Pitout (Peasant) joining on bass and drums respectively.

With each track on their 4-track EP just over a minute long, the collaborative EP is a real cross-city collaboration with all four members being from different ones, and everything being done remotely.

The EP kicks off with Micah Peasley’s now-iconic line about getting pitted (the man went viral before going viral was even a thing) on “Locals Only” – it’s fresh, classically fast-paced punk and sets the subtle surf-culture undercurrent that runs through the release.

Tom’s punk-rooted vocals are at their fiercest on “Holy Power” and it also has the sexiest riff on the EP courtesy of Richard, which together make it a stand out track.

“Grinding Teeth” starts with a snippet of the iconic surf film North Shore, before settling into the EP’s old school skate punk groove, while closer “Reverse The Curse” deals with classic hardcore themes of toxicity.

It’s short, it’s classic and it’s the kind of release that’s short enough for you to still sprain a neck muscle head banging to. Stream the whole EP below.