DreamStream festival brings together 33 artists for 3 days to help raise R1m in support of SAFE

South Africa’s live events and entertainment industry is coming together to put on the biggest streaming festival to raise funds for the unsung heroes of the industry by hosting a 3-day event featuring 33 of SA’s finest artists from 24 – 26 April 2020.

The festival will also offer viewers ‘DreamCamps’ where they can get to enjoy the music privately with their friends or family (up to 500 people) via Zoom, the video conferencing platform, allowing them to hangout, dance and have fun together. Tickets for the event are free and available through Howler but all participants are encouraged to donate.

The funds raised by DreamStream will go towards SAFE (South African Fund 4 Entertainment), an NPO fund established to help support the unsung heroes and heroines within the live events and entertainment industry. In just 24 hours since the original announcement, they have received over 1500 relief applications to feed 11 000 people. DreamStream is the first major fundraiser for SAFE and are trying to raise R1m which will aim to feed 11 000 crew members

These people are the technicians, stage riggers, cleaners, security guards, bar staff, ticketing staff and more, who are very often hired on a temporary/hourly basis and are sitting at home with no income and food as a result of Covid-19 and the lockdown.

DreamStream Digital festival will see DJs play 1-hour super mixes from several genres that include EDM, amapiano, house & hip hop with the line-up to be released soon.

For more information on DreamStream, SAFE, and how you can apply to the fund, check out their site.

For larger donations to the fund please contact