Francois Van Coke to debut his first live streamed show, Stripped Down in Lockdown, his first totally solo show in 10 years

On Tuesday the 28th of April, Francois Van Coke will offer his first livestream show from his home in Bellville, Cape Town.

It will be the first time in 10 years that he will perform a 100% solo – just him on his acoustic guitar, with no Jedd Kossew, Die Gevaar, Fokofpolisiekar or Van Coke Kartel to back him up.

“The fact that we can’t play live shows kind of left a hole in me,” Francois confesses. “I’ve been playing live shows on a regular basis for the past twenty years. It has become an integral part of my life and DNA and to not be able to do it makes me feel weird. So, I’ve made a plan! The whole thing is a bit scary, not just performing by myself, but also dealing with the sound and new streaming tech. Before lockdown I would just have gotten help. Now it is up to me. But, it’s all good and I am up for the challenge.”

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The best thing about this livestream is that all of his fans across the world can watch him perform at the same time together. This is a first for Francois and proof that new and good things can come from the current situation.


Date: 28 April 2020

Time: 20h00

Other: BYOB