Hey Imagine’s latest track “Viral Apocalypse” is all about having a quaran-tina to share your bed and it’s the anthem for your lonely social-distanced-self

In the days preceding South Africa’s 21 day lockdown, Hey Imagine did what any decent band would do with their time: penned a track about it. “Viral Apocalypse” (I mean, was there ever even a question about the title?) is all about having – or lacking – a bae in these trying times. Can you relate?

From a more wholesome side, the track really centers around the idea that you should never wait to tell people how you feel – because who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. A worldwide shutdown was probably the last thing we all took into account when it came to our love lives this year.

The track was written and recorded in one day – in isolation – resulting in a raw and honest offering. It’s a subtle ballad, to put it simply. Delicate piano lines meet jangling guitar and Jono Greyling’s crooning vocals – “Keep the mask on baby/ lose the clothes / [..] “If I was living in a viral apocalypse I’d want you on my team/ just you and me living in quarintine.”

It’s refreshing and delightfully current. A peer down the well of this bizarre situation we’ve all found ourselves in, and an anthem for the isolated singles out there. This is for you.